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Our mission is “Immersing people into a mining world” with a vision to nurture an understanding and appareciation of all that our area’s mining is in its past, present and future.

To continue and improve upon this mission, we are raising funds for a new building.

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Why is a new facility needed?

Our current building is showing its age and is lacking in many of the necessities of a strong, sustainable museum. 

• Dedicated, convenient parking
• Be highly visible to highway traffic
• Parking for buses, travel trailers and RVs
• Full ADA compliance
• Environmental systems unique to museum
• Space for collection or archival growth

Why is now the right time for a new facility?

Lead is experiencing a growing tourism economy, an expanding SURF, and a reviving mining industry. No better time than now!

What is envisioned with a new facility?
  • A building located at the east gateway to Lead in Gold Run Park with lots of dedicated parking and great highway visibility.
  • A building that communicates mining and history and beckons those passing by to come in and see.
  • A building that will be large enough for all it is and hopes to be.
What else is there to know about this project?

The relocation of the museum will allow for the redevelopment of its current downtown property benefiting the community with a new library and additional parking, living, and retail space.


Tom Nelson

“There is no finer example of truly a grass-roots effort to preserve and tell the story of a community’s heritage. . . and in Lead, that is Homestake and that is mining. During my eleven years as mayor, and four as state senator, the BHMM was forced to stand in the shadows as efforts and energies were devoted to bringing the lab to our town. Now is the time for the museum to take the next bold steps to become the treasure it is destined to be.”

Craig Keyger- Retired Developer

“On my last visit to Lead, I heard about the plan for a new mining museum.  I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your ideas for a new mining museum and its location. What an addition, NOT only to maintain the Lead/Deadwood history but for the state of South Dakota. The look of the building and the location are fantastic. I wish your team all the success in the world.”

Thomas Golden- Executive Director, Homestake Opera House

“Along with our own project goals to restore the Homestake Opera House to full productive use, we are excited to support the efforts of the Black Hills Mining Museum. They are great neighbors and wonderful community partners, however there is great benefit to the Opera House in the expansion of downtown amenities to include an expanded courtyard and stair access from Julius Street to our main entrance. A new location and better facilities for our friends at the Mining Museum will open the door for this project to take place. Imagine a performing arts center in Lead that will not only bring exciting performers and community theatre shows to the Northern Hills, but one that can also take advantage of cool summer nights and bring live entertainment directly to Main Street!

Beverly Perkins-Conservation Assessment Program Assessor, Conservator

“For me, this museum and its collection is all about grit. Miners and their families established the collection and amazingly built the experiential displays that are so intriguing and informative. The town of Lead continued to care for the collections, provide educational programing, and serve as a community center for the surrounding area. And now, the staff and volunteers are leading the charge to provide a new building and grounds for their institution. Their vision is essential for the care of the collection. In order for the artifacts, documents, and memorabilia to survive, they must be housed in a proper museum environment, providing security, fire suppression, and stable relative humidity. I salute the staff, board, volunteers, and supporters for giving new, exciting life to a great museum.”



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